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Custom Fangs - Through the Mail!

#1 - Go to the dentist and get a mold of the top and bottom of your teeth. Sometimes, this is free or very cheap (as little as $10). If would be helpful if you ask the dentist to mount the molds (he will know what that means), but this might be expensive and therefore is not required. You may also have a mold made by a jeweler who does gold fronts or something similar. If you want or need to do it yourself, here is a dental mold kit that should do the trick: Remember, we need UPPER and LOWER molds! This kit is enough for both. You'll be sending those (the molds, either mounted or not) to us in the mail.

#2 - Take several clear photos of your teeth (tops, bottoms, open, closed/smiling but with teeth locked together normally, profile shots, etc.) and either email those to us or send them in the mail with your molds.

#3 - The fangs will be the same price ($50/set = 2 fangs) as getting them done in person. PayPal is preferred. So, let us know what you're looking for... singles, doubles, triples, etc. Underworld fangs are actually doubles (Vv--vV) and cost $100. 

#4 - You'll have to include an additional $15 for shipping and handling, so we can package your fangs and molds safely and send everything back to you. International shipping costs more. Contact us for details.