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Custom Fangs

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Rates & Services

  • $50 for a single set, 2 fangs 
  • $100 for a double set, 4 fangs
  • $150 for a triple set, 6 fangs
  • Specialty, unique creations will be more expensive depending on the extravagance of the desired modifications
  • Dentures, veneers, partials, flips, etc. are also available
  • Events: available to carve fangs at your New York City events/parties, so long as there is an outlet, small table and chair accessible

Located in the New York, NY area. 
Mail Order custom fangs are available. 

Booking An Appointment

Call/Text: 646-610-3247
Private calls will not be answered. Text messages and emails are preferred. Contact us in advance to confirm your appointment. Ali looks forward to carving your pointy smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to get my fangs? You will have your fangs the SAME DAY you meet Ali. 
  • How long does the process take? The process can take as little as one hour to complete depending on the extent of the work you are having done, and also depending upon the state of your teeth. Each set (2 fangs) takes approximately one to two hours. 
  • Will my fangs be realistic? Your fangs will be personalized: made to fit and match your natural teeth. 
  • Are the fangs removable? They ARE removable. You don't have to be a monster all the time... Unless you want to be, of course... like we are! 
  • Can I get my fangs through the mail if I do not live in the NYC area? Yes. Please contact Ali at 646-610-3247, or click here for more information.