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"Ali Fangsmith is the best! His fangs feel natural and appear as if you were born with fangs. Ali is a gifted artist!" Christina Manis of X-Girl Productions (New York, NY)

"Ali seriously does some awesome work. Each set is not just a custom fit. It's custom sculpted work designed to look natural with the user's facial structure.  Attention to detail and aesthetics makes the most awesome pair of fangs someone could hope to own; both of which you get with any of Ali's products." - Shango Hurikanis (New York, NY)

Ali makes the BEST fangs EVER (and he doesn't charge NEARLY enough for them)! He is, hands down, an absolute mater of his craft. I have two pairs already, and I want more! They are my prized possessions. But make your appointment TODAY, because in another month or so, as it gets closer to Halloween, you will NOT be able to get an appointment!" - Pam Dixon (New York, NY)

I would like to thank Ali for the amazing work he did for me. He took what I had as an idea, and not only made it into reality, but added new dimension and depth into it. Ali in my opinion is quickly satisfying his mark as a Master/Father Fangsmith with his meticulous and surgeon-like techniques. Once again, thank you very much for the work you put into my new set." - Sir Shaolin MacPhee of House Sabretooth MacPhee, Calmae of House Sabretooth MacPhee, Proud and Loyal Son of Lord O' MacPhee Orion (New York, NY) [Photo available in Gallery].

"I can truly say this about Ali's work, no matter what the situation is with your smile, he carefully crafts some of the finest dental works I've seen so far.  And this is coming from someone who looks like they spend most of their day chewing on scrap metal, lol, which to be honest, made me nervous to smile in public, but, he didn't mind that, he was very professional in the way he handled my, um, smile.  I'd recommend him to anyone looking for good fang work." - Necro Black (New York, NY) [Photo available in Gallery].

I had my set of laterals done by Ali. Not only did he take time and care working on my set, but he also suggested what would be the best set for the structure of my mouth and teeth. My set came out beautifully and are so comfortable I wear them all the time. My fangs are also so subtle that I can be in any sort of social setting and no one notices them until I make a big toothy for the superb work." - Doxie Darko (New York, NY) [Photo available in Gallery].

"I just recently got another pair of single sets, and my first ones still look pretty good! I never had a problem with them, they last long and since he's a perfectionist, be prepared to sit there until he does them exactly how they are supposed to look. Oh, and, they're also reasonably priced. I love my fangs, and everyone should get them from Sir Ali! You won't be sorry!!!" - Alauria (New York, NY)

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your webpage. It is very impressive. I would also like to point out that I myself had fangs made by Ali and I am very satisfied. I love them and they go with me wherever I go. They are still strong and fresh since I take care of them and I do not have any complaints about them they are great work!! Thank you and Ali for this gift that I hope lasts and I will be returning for more exclusive pairs!" - Daniel (New York, NY) 

Ali made my Lilith's [laterals] in August of 2007. Not only were they done quickly and efficiently but they have made a mark in the normal world. Now people know who I am, and who I always will be. Ali is a great fangsmith who knows what he's doing, and also works with your specific requests. He has done my brother's teeth as well, and even added the rubies on the tip for him." - Shorty 240 (New York, NY)

"I had a set of Baby Devils done about a year and a half ago, and I think (for a fangsmith) Ali is one of the few people who takes time and care when doing a set. And, yes, I?m saving up for another set! I recommend him to other kindred who need a pointy smile." - Sir Merlin Immortalis, Child to Father Vincent Orion, Calmae to House Sabretooth Omega (New York, NY) 

"I got a strong sense of professionalism when Ali did my fangs... He paid very careful concentration to my comfort, ease of annunciation and symmetrical balance... Plus he does watch over every pair that he has done (don't worry, man. I still got mine...)! Very satisfied and I will be booking him for an extension soon." - Duckie Christ AKA Master Daravon (New York, NY)

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